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What to look for in a getting ready space

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February 9, 2021

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I'm super glad you're here checking out the blog. Grab an iced coffee and stay a while! I've compiled super sweet love stories and tips for brides & photographers!

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Lots of big windows!

Big windows mean lots of light and we all know how important light is for photography!! Having large windows that lets in light will make your photos look soft and natural, which will be more consistent with the rest of the portraits in your gallery! 

Neutral colors: white & gray tones!  

Light, neutral colors reflect and bounce light, whereas dark or vibrant colors can cast shadows. 

An uncluttered space!

It’s nice to have access to a bed, window area, chair, sofa, and spaces for your dress to hang, but you want to make sure that it’s open and not super cramped or cluttered. With photographers, a planner, hair and makeup artists, bridesmaids and family members in one space, it can get cramped fast! It’s really great if you can find a space that has a room that can store all of your things that you and the bridesmaids can get ready in, and then a separate space that can stay uncluttered and be used for photos! 

An outdoor space is a bonus!

If your getting ready space has a nice outdoor area that we can utilize, that’s a huge plus (especially if your getting ready space is dark or cramped).

Airbnbs can be a really great alternative to a hotel room if your venue doesn’t have a getting ready space!

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I'm Sarah and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is full of past weddings, engagements and my best tips for photographers & brides!

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