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Do You Really Need a Second Photographer?

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March 25, 2022

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A frequent question I get from brides is: “Do I really need a second photographer for my wedding”? I wanted to have a dedicated blog post to share the importance, and hopefully convince you if I haven’t already 😉

Having a second shooter allows for the same moment to be captured from different perspectives. By having two photographers, we’re able to get important shots you wouldn’t necessarily have if only one photographer was present. Below, we were able to capture both Allie and Brent’s priceless reactions during their first look. I love having both reactions, because many times, photographers are more focused on the groom’s reaction and completely forget about the bride’s equally emotional reaction!

Another instance where it’s important to have a second shooter is bride and groom portraits. On the left, I was zoomed out focusing on the big picture. Meanwhile, my second shooter got a closer cropped shot highlighting all of the details, and I love that we have different varieties!

Arguably, one of the most important reasons to have a second shooter is during the ceremony. While my focus was dedicated to the bride and her father, my second shooter was able to get the raw shot of the groom’s reaction seeing his bride walking towards him. Images like these are priceless, and something you wouldn’t have if there wasn’t a second shooter.

As the ceremony wraps up and the bride and groom have already made their exit to a private space, I’m still shooting the bridal party exit. However, my second shooter is able to follow the bride and groom and capture those first few moments after becoming husband and wife. I love those candid, happy first moments caught on camera. If I didn’t have a second shooter, we wouldn’t have been able to capture this sweet memory.

During the exit, things are always chaotic and at this point in the night, it can be difficult getting guests lined up and ready for the send-off. Having a second shooter for the send-off is great because both photographers are snapping away from different angles and perspectives.

As I wrap up this blog post, I wanted to include some closing thoughts to go along with everything I included above. A second shooter is a God-send on a wedding day, and the main photographer’s right hand.

Second shooters are able to capture candid moments while I’m focusing on the bride and groom. Having another shooter around looking for reactions and happy moments is a lifesaver while I am keeping my eyes on the bride and groom.

A second shooter brings a second set of hands and eyes for the small details like making sure the guys have their hands in their pockets, the bridesmaids have their bouquets lowered, and they can help fluff the bride’s train or veil.

The ability to divide and conquer is an important luxury when having a second shooter. More times than not on a wedding day, the timeline gets altered and things need to be sped up. I can send my second shooter to photograph the groom/groomsmen while I’m focusing on the bride/bridesmaids or vice versa. Or, while I’m photographing family portraits, my second shooter could be capturing reception details. Having a second shooter helps cut down on the time, and that helps tremendously.


Who is your second photographer? I use several different trusted photographers, depending on their schedule and the best personality fit for each wedding. They all use professional equipment and are talented photographers in their own right.

Do you still edit the photos? Yes, absolutely! Making sure the editing is consistent regardless of who took the photo is very important to me.

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